Vehicle Health Checks

As a vehicle ages and due to wear and tear, it is important to get your car checked regularly. Our specially trained Peugeot technicians will carry out a comprehensive health check every time your vehicle is in our workshop for service, maintenance or repair work. But you can also just book one in to check your car over at any time.

A Peugeot Health Check is designed to:

1. Find any problems early to avoid any costly repair bills or issues with your car

2. Prevent any minor problems which could affect your driving experience

3. Provides a peace of mind so you know that your vehicle is in the best condition

What is included in your Vehicle Health Check?

Our Peugeot trained technicians will carry out a full visual inspection of your vehicle. This includes key items such as:

- Bodywork
- Braking components e.g. brake pads & discs
- Tyres
- Exhaust
- Steering & Suspension
- Lights
- Fluid Levels
- Battery
- Windscreen wipers
- Ancillary drive belt